Hi! My name is Jamie.
I am really happy that you are here looking at my little website and want to know more About Me.
I'm 27 years old and live in Tampa, Florida where I was born and raised. The thought of  leaving the "Sunshine State" has never even crossed my mind. Although living in L.A. might be kinda fun. I've only seen snow once before when I went on a ski trip with my best friend. We went to Crested Butte, CO Although I had a great time, cold weather is not for me. I enjoy going to the beach or laying out by the pool. If you've seen my pics, I'm sure you've noticed my sexy tan lines....lol!

    I bet you are beginning to wonder how a sweet girl like me even got started with a website like this.
I was brought up to be pretty conservative so I guess you can say I was a little naive when it came to the Adult Entertainment Industry.
Well my best friend and I went on a trip to Las Vegas a few years ago just for fun. While we were there, it just so happened that the hotel we were staying at was hosting a convention for the "adult" industry. We decided to check it out and see what it was all about. When we were walking around we ended up meeting quite a few really cool people. After talking with some of them they convinced me to look into having my own site. Since my best friend loves to take pictures and knows a little bit about computer stuff, we thought we'd give it a try. I must have been a naughty girl at heart because once we got going I really got into it.  We worked together at building this site completely on our own and are having a blast with it. Neither one of us is a pro at this, but we do our best to make it look that way. It is kinda funny, before I started doing this I used to be a nanny. I hope the dad doesn't ever run across my site.

Vital Stats:
Measurements: 34C-26-35 (Yes, my boobs have been enhanced. I was an A cup and very unhappy with them. I hated not being able to fill out a bathing suit and always wearing padded bras.
Weight: 115LBS
Height: 5'4"


More About Me:
Birthday: December 22
Favorite Color: Pink
Job: Internet Model
Ambitions: To write a book!
Weakness: Sexy Smile & Eye Contact
Music: Mostly Top 40, Dance, Techno, & Alternative Rock
Favorite TV shows: Prison Break, Ghost Whisperer, Conan O'Brian, & Days of Our Lives!
Favorite Book:  True Crime & Memoirs
During my free time I like to:
Relax in my Pool or the Beach, Read, Cook, Shop, Travel, & Watch Movies!
Favorite Places to Shop: MAC Cosmetics, BCBG, BeBe, & Victoria's Secret

Favorite Porn Sites...Yes! I like to look at Porn to....hehe:

  Wanna Know More??
   Feel free to email me. I'd love to hear from you!!



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